When will maple trees deliver sap?

In honor of the first maples tapped this spring, below please find a poem written five years ago.  So far, the flow has been light.



Warm March sun, cool breeze across fresh cheeks, maple frozen dormant
Drill through cambium, tap to flow, gravity drip to pail, fire boil
Water minerals earth sun wind moon stars, us
All together drawing from nature
Syrup for our pancakes
Maple majestic life connected

To warm sun, cool breeze, tree dormant coming to life
Long water from earth, minerals, past life now life
Bill Toni Bobby Nancy I connected
Now syrup connects us to all
No all connect to all life now
Heartlights shine

Sun water earth minerals fire
Moon stars us them
No us them, just us
Connected life energy

Thank you gratitude

Win Miller
March 2010

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