Supportive Friends

What is the essence of the support we need to live our lives with compassion for all, and a sense of aliveness within us? How can we navigate the cross currents in our lives yet be true to our hearts? How do we find time to have supportive friends close by? Is that even possible at work?

The greatest blessing is to have good, wise, kindhearted friends close by. We can’t be happy unless we have a sane, healthy space within us and around us. We need a habitat that is beautiful and nourishing, and that gives us the safety and the freedom that we need.

Bill Alexander, Path to Happiness, unpublished

In the busiest parts of our lives we have but little time to tether in the present moment, to connect with friends on a personal level. Often we are pressed from different directions all at once, and surprised by some of the matters and problems which appear. To survive, our ego takes charge so we can make quick decisions and give clear directions to those we lead.

It is often inappropriate for us to share our doubts with others in the workplace or socially, yet connecting with a friend and sharing our concerns usually reduces emotional stress.

In our professional lives there are degrees of friendship, and while it is necessary to be on guard, no opportunities should be lost to connect on a deeper level with any person when we sense a connection.

Having made many friends during my education and career, I find today that I am only in touch with a handful. No doubt I have missed opportunities for fraternity and support as a result of isolating myself, a common symptom of alcoholism.

The essence of support I need is the care, compassion and conversation of good friends.

It takes effort to remain in touch, and while it is good to have friends, it is better to be connected with them. Who are your true friends? How do you stay connected?

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