Executive Coaching


Win Miller learned coaching as a management style from great managers he worked for.  He furthered his understanding with his education, seminars, and books; he developed his own style over years of management seasoning.

In the last few years Win professionalized his coaching by working hard to become a Certified Executive Coach by the Center for Executive Coaching.

Executive coaching can guide you to see new opportunities, outside your old patterns of thinking.

The goal of this professional relationship between coach and client is to enhance leadership, performance and development.

Win Miller has the experience and training to help you gain a new perspective on your challenges and aspirations. He will assist you to gain self-awareness, achieve goals, and act as a sounding board.  He will be your trusted advisor.Contact Win Now

Testimonial “The executive coaching I’ve received from Win Miller has been invaluable. …He accomplished this by asking thought-provoking questions. One of those questions was, “What kind of leader do you want to be?” Win’s coaching style has helped me become that guy. Win did not tell me what to do. He helped me to become the observer of my own thinking and with that tool I can clarify thoughts and feelings. That leads me to what is right for me.
Company owner: Dr. Steven Zimmer, OD

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